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Radon in Water Analysis CT

Why should you have an analysis for radon in your CT well water?

Radon in Water Analysis in Your CT Drinking Water

Radon in the ground can dissolve into ground water. When this ground water is brought into a building directly the dissolved radon gas is released from the water.

As a rule of thumb for residential structures on private wells in Connecticut, if a well contained 10,000 pCi/l of radon in the water, the amount of radon entering the building from normal water usage-after dilution by normal residential ventilation-would add 1 pCi/l of radon into the air in the building above and beyond that which comes from the soil.

There are no current U.S. standards regarding the amount of radon allowed in public drinking water supplies, although standards have been proposed.

Many EPA publications recommend testing for radon in water for all homes with private wells that have found elevated radon concentrations in air (levels greater than 4 pCi/l).

Tthe majority of the health risks from radon are associated with inhalation, not ingestion, and drinking or cooking with water that contains some radon.

What are the health effects of radon exposure in Connecticut?

Over time, exposure to radon can cause lung cancer. Radon causes about 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year in the U.S. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer, after tobacco smoking.¬†¬†People who smoke have an even higher risk of lung cancer from radon exposure than people who don’t smoke.

Radon exposure doesn’t cause symptoms. Unless your home or office is tested for high radon levels, you may not realize that you are being exposed to dangerous levels of radon until you or someone in your family is diagnosed with lung cancer. “Radon in water analysis is my area in Connecticut?” Yes

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