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Water Analysis for VOC’s in CT

Water Analysis VOC CT: What are VOC’s (volitile organic chemicals) and how do they contaminate CT drinking water?

Voc Water Analysis CT Volitile Organic ChemicalsHousehold and industrial solvents, gasoline and fuel oil are examples of volatile organic chemicals or VOCs. Some VOCs are relatively non-toxic, while others can cause cancer, birth defects and reproductive problems.

Fuel oil and gasoline can enter groundwater as a result of a leaking storage tank or spill. Wells that are located within ¼ mile of an active or abandoned gasoline station, home or farm fuel tank or bulk storage tank have about a 25% chance of being contaminated and should be tested at least once for VOCs (VOCs from petroleum products).

Paint thinners, dry cleaning chemicals and industrial solvents can enter groundwater from spills, improper disposal, leaking storage tanks and landfills. Wells that are located within ¼ mile of a landfill, dry cleaner, auto repair shop or industrial site where solvents have been used should be tested for VOCs. Because solvents, gasoline and fuel oil are common in our environment, all owners of private wells should consider having their water tested for VOCs at least once.

If you notice a solvent-like or gasoline taste or odor in your water, you should use an alternate, safe source of drinking water until your water can be tested for VOCs.

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